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Randy Zimnoch rides to the office in his golf cart wearing a ball cap and flip flops. He is the owner of Realty National, a boutique real estate brokerage in San Diego. He's a podcast host, real estate investor, trainer, and ...

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There’s a dog-fight going on over any breathing body with a real estate license. The only way to create long-term success is to seek true alignment between the brokerage and the agent from the very beginning.  

Be 100% certain that the brokerage you select will help you to create your ultimate agent lifestyle.

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Real Estate Agents and Investors both make more money when they work together using the strategies that your host, Randy Zimnoch, has learned over the last 10 years with $800,000,000 in real estate sales. His experience comes from running Than Merrill's flipping company CT Homes, co-founding a real estate brokerage Realty National and speaking on FortuneBuilders stages. Go behind the scenes of over 1,500 real estate transactions to discover how you can increase your profits as a real estate agent or as an investor. Randy covers topics like: Market Trends, Sales, Negotiating, Commissions, Analyzing Properties, Contracts, Lead Generation, Pocket Listings, and tons more in these quick, to-the-point episodes that share real-life stories of what to do and what to avoid.

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San Diego, CA

(619) 399-3829

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