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Real Estate Agents and Investors both make more money when they work together using the strategies that your host, Randy Zimnoch, has learned over the last 10 years with $672,000,000 in real estate sales. His experience comes from running Than Merrill's flipping company CT Homes, co-founding a real estate brokerage Realty National and speaking on FortuneBuilders stages. Go behind the scenes of over 1,450 real estate transactions to discover how you can increase your profits as a real estate agent or as an investor. Randy covers topics like: Market Trends, Sales, Negotiating, Commissions, Analyzing Properties, Contracts, Lead Generation, Pocket Listings, and tons more in these quick, to-the-point episodes that share real-life stories of what to do and what to avoid. More info at:

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Turn a "Dud" into a "Stud"

A softer market impacts the offers we get on properties. Here is how you can off set your holding costs and actually turn a profit each...

The Benefits of a Back-Up Buyer

Not all buyers close on a property. Learn how you can cancel escrow with one buyer and open escrow with the back-up all in the same day.

The Value of a Neighborhood Expert

The Neighborhood Expert plays a significant role in the decision making process for investors when looking to purchase properties to flip...

Save Thousands on Termite Repairs

Termites are just a normal issue in sunny, humid areas, but this one little trick could save you a $1,000+ AND make sure your buyers are...

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Determine the Value of a Property Without Leaving Your Office

This guide will walk you through the data collection and analysis to ensure you have all the details you need on the property you’re considering buying so you can make a wise decision for your business.

Follow these actions to confidently grow your investing business and ensure you don’t lose money on your deals.

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